Halas Scaffolding

Facade Scaffolding System (Secure Type)

Safe scaffolding facade systems are used in the repairing or covering facades, jacketing or covering with aluminum, water and heat isolation, plastering and painting of high buildings. The systems are designed and produced in order to have the maximum safety for workers according to quality standard of TSE EN 12810-1, 12810-2, 12811-1 and 12811-2. Safe scaffolding system is one of the accepted frameworks for the constructions by the authority of TR Ministry of Labor and Social Security due to the working safety rules. Main parts of the system are: Frames, horizontal and diagonal braces, steel plank and laddered plank, end guard rail, base jack, toe board and wall tie. Each scaffolding system is calculated as 5 m2.

Facade Scaffolding System (Secure Type)

1- Safe Scaffold Frame

2- Horizontal Brace

3- Diagonal Brace

4- Steel Plank

5- Laddered Platform

6- End Guard Rail

7- Base Jack

8- Toe Board

Facade Scaffolding System (Secure Type)

Facade Scaffolding System (Secure Type)